We offer our clients support in their various IT projects to help them identify needs, direct them to the best solution or simply make improvements to existing solutions.

Resource Outsourcing

Our programmers can integrate with your existing development teams to respond to a temporary increase in your business.


We offer training for both users, and programmers. Contact us for more details on our training programs.

Optimization – Software

Our experience allows us to assist you by reviewing existing application code, and provide ways to improve performance, or architecture to facilitate the work of users and programmers.

Optimization – SQL

Our programmers can work on your database to optimize query performance. They can also advise you on what technologies to use and on the organization of your business logic.

Software Architecture

An application should grow with your needs. Our team can help you reorganize and improve your existing software projects to ensure their smooth operation and ease of maintenance and updating.

Support for your IT projects

Requirements analysis, writing specifications and recommendations.

ERP Consulting Services

Help in selecting solution and guidance for the implementation.